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Anti-Theft Installations

Offers Professionally Installed Satellite Tracking Systems, Security Systems, Keyless Entries, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Cruise Controls, Satellite Radios, CD Changers, Sliding Door Contacts, Back Up Alerts, Trunk Releases, Remote Starts, Navigation Devices, and other Aftermarket Accessories for your car or truck. Our Company also offers the finest in Mobile Video and DVD. Security systems from companies like Audiovox, Omega Research and Developement, and Autopage. Stereo systems from high quality manufactures like Panasonic and Pioneer. We are certified with MECP and the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION. Also, with CLIFFORD ELECTRONICS, DIRECTED ELECTRONICS, ATX Research, SOUTHWESTERN BELL MOBILE SYSTEMS, AND AVITAL TECHNOLOGIES. We work very hard on maintaining a sure awareness of Customer Needs and Service after the Sale. If there is anything we can do to help, we want to do the very best to serve you.


AUDIOVOX: Alarms, Remote Start, Mobile DVD
JVC: Automobile Electronics
KENWOOD: Automobile Electronics
OMEGA: GPS Tracking
PIONEER: Automobile Electronics
PLANET AUDIO: Automobile Electronics
SONY MOBILE: Automobile Electronics
SURFSIGHT DVR CAMERA’S: Automobile Electronics

Anti-Theft Installations

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